All of E.P. Industries' products are based on the same formula: innovative design + precision engineering techniques = superior products. Our team of designers, engineers, and technicians at Proto-Tech Machine Engineering manufacture E.P. Industries' products.

   A specialty division of E.P. Industries, Proto-Tech Machine Engineering is a modern machine shop geared for 21st Century technologies.

   Our facility is located in El Segundo, California, and houses the latest and most accurate machinery along with the finest testing, diagnostic, and inspection instruments. Our technicians are capable of precise reproduction and exact tolerances throughout every production or prototype run.


   Proto-Tech Machine Engineering manufactures the CEM pump for CEM Company, and fire pumps and extinguishers for EPI. In addition to engineering and manufacturing these products for E. P. Industries' specialty divisions, many of the country's high-technology firms rely on our services.

   Test equipment for Mission Research, Rockwell Science Center and IRF amongst other companies, is manufactured and inspected by Proto-Tech Machine Engineering.


   Large companies along with small business and individuals use our services for everything from machining to equipment and system design.

   Proto-Tech Machine Engineering takes products from concept to completion with an established method involving client consultation, dedicated research, and innovative design and engineering techniques. Whether a client requires a single prototype unit, a short run of a few parts, or a full production run in the thousands, Proto-Tech Machine Engineering can manufacture parts to the client's print specifications and within deadline. At completion, each project is subjected to the most demanding phase of design testing and quality control inspection.

   For us, manufacturing isn't only about motors and pumps. We also build, modify, and engineer camera equipment. The studio services division of E.P. Industries also uses the mechanical and visual equipment built by Proto-Tech Machine Engineering.

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