Portable Decontamination


This is a timely application of one of our best products. With the growing threat of biological and chemical weapons in the world arena, it’s necessary to be prepared. The Decon line of CEM pumps are designed for that express purpose.

The hand held CEM Decon unit weighs in at 2 pounds and is powered by a DeWalt cordless drill. Capable of delivering from 1/10th of a gallon to 3 gallons a minute with a 20 foot range, it’s easy to see why this is the US Army and Navy SEALS Decon delivery system of choice. The innovative ‘Water Vest’ holds up to 7 gallons and comfortably distributes the weight around the wearer eliminating balance problems.


Handheld Decon

Handheld Decon

The CEM Handheld Decon in action

The D-CAFS Decon is a full decontamination system modified from a DC-CAFS to include case, hoses, and nozzles for full decontamination of an area.


Decon N37


Weight 2 lbs.
Range 15 ft.
Capacity Up to 3 gallons per minute
Pressure Up to 20 PSI
Power source Dewalt Cordless Drill
Price $4,100

D-CAFS Decon Model DCD1

Weight 95 lbs. (w/o Polaris)
Range 50 ft.
Capacity (12V) Up to 45 gallons per minute
Pressure (12V) Up to 30 PSI
Capacity (24V) Up to 90 gallons per minute
Pressure (24V) Up to 60 PSI
Power source 2HP Electric Motor














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