EPI is the only pump manufacturer in the world to research, develop, and design a new pump technology for compressed air-foam systems (CAFS) to replace low-efficiency centrifugal pumps, air compressors, and priming pumps. CEM CAFS have the advantage of patented CEM pump technology to perform the entire CAFS process - pumping water, compressing air, agitating mixture, and delivering foam - in one highly efficient pump.

The Cylindrical Energy Module - "CEM" - Positive-Displacement Pump is a powerful 12-cylinder rotary pump that produces 24 output cycles per revolution for smooth performance. Manufactured with only seven internal moving parts, the maintenance requirements for the CEM CAF are minimal.

The CEM Magnum™ is our highest performing CAFS yet. Ideal for brush truck applications, the Magnum™ weighs in at only 180 pounds. The compact Magnum™ generates more foam than systems four times its size and it pumps water at over 250-gallons-per-minute. The Magnum™ can draft water at this same incredible rate, allowing you to fill your water tank quickly and easily. Fully functional as a stand-alone portable unit without mounting, the CEM Magnum™ is skid-mountable or easily transported in any standard pick-up bed.

Not only does its compact size mean more room for your firefighting tools, the Magnum's™ light weight means you can carry your water tank in your truck bed. A standard pickup has a payload of 1000 pounds. Along with a 180 pound Magnum™, you can carry 102 gallons of firefighting water with you. The CEM CAFS can foam a large area using as little as one gallon of water a minute, extending your 100 gallons of water into over an hour and a half of constant foaming of the area. Compare that to some of our competitor's 250 gallon-per-minute CAFS, which weigh in at a hefty 750 pounds. They leave you with only 30% of the water-carrying capability you get with a Magnum™. Also, the Magnum™ is self-priming so you can also draft water from a stream, pond, or pool. Add to the equation the difference in cost, and you cannot afford to be without a CEM CAFS. Gasoline powered units are also available.

Our Manufactured for economy and durability, all CEM CAFS have a modular frame, diamond-plate base, and CNC manufactured pump components. The high performance CEM pump is constructed from durable, self-lubricating, high-density polyethylene with a stainless-steel drive shaft. Compact enough to be considered portable, the Magnum™ offers performance that is simply superior.

If you own an ATV or brush truck, talk to us about custom skid mounts, drop in units, and water pumps.

Length/Width/Height (inches) 39 1/2 X 29 1/2 x 24
Weight 500 lbs
Maximum Tested Output 250 gpm
Maximum Tested Discharge 120 feet
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1.5 x 1.5 x 24 cylinders
Inlet/Outlet Size (inches) 3" NPT
Drive Ratio 6:1
Engine Diesel
Engine Output 30HP
Price $26,483
Model # (DIESEL) MAG250-D
Model # (GAS) MAG250-G
Length/Width/Height (inches)
in Shipping Containe
Weight in Shipping Container 600 lbs
Shipping Method Customer's choice

All units are shipped in a container constructed from 1/2-inch plywood.

Shipping rates vary according to final destination.

On MAG250-G Call for Specs.