We are proud to introduce the world's smallest CAF system. Don't let the size fool you, big things do come in small packages. The Hand held CAFS unit weighs in at 2 pounds and is powered by a DeWalt cordless drill (10 pounds total weight). Capable of delivering from 1/10th of a gallon to 3 gallons a minute with a thirty foot range, this CAFS is ideal for hotshots first on the scene or for mop-up operations. This same system was first sold to SOCOM as a portable decontamination system used in Operation Iraqi Freedom, now we're making this incredible innovation available here at home.

The foam is supplied by an innovative 'Water Vest' which holds up to 7 gallons and comfortably distributes the weight around the wearer eliminating balance problems. The one-size-fits-all vest is made of puncture-resistant neoprene making it extremely durable and flexible. It features a large cap on the back for fast refills and connects to the CAFS unit with a Quick Disconnect plug on the lower front.


Priced to meet the volunteer and rural fire department budget, the CEM Hand-Held CAFS is manufactured for economy and durability. The CAFS pump itself is made to our usual high standards with injection-molded and CNC components. The Hand-Held CAFS unique and patented 12-cylinder, rotary design, positive-displacement pump produces smooth high-pressure performance. CEM's CAFS pump components are constructed from self-lubricating UHMW-PE, leaded brass alloy, and stainless steel for light weight and dependability. With only seven internal moving parts, maintenance requirements are minimal

Although we do offer the Hand-Held CAFS with the DeWalt Cordless drill, the CEM Hand-Held CAFS can be easily mounted on any electric drill in minutes.

The Hand-Held CAFS is also ideal for use in areas that are hard to reach with heavy or ungainly equipment. Weighing just 10 pounds, the Hand-Held CAFS is ultra-light and fits just about anywhere. Get more foam with less pump. The CEM Hand-Held CAFS is simply superior.

Drive Ratio 4:1
Inlet/Outlet Size (inches) 0.25 inch pipe
Maximum Tested Output 6 gpm at 20 psi
Maximum Tested Discharge 30 feet
Motor DeWalt Cordless Drill
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch
Vest Weight (filled) 56 lbs
Weight (without drill) 2 lbs
Length/Width/Height (inches) 15 / 15 / 10
Price $4,100
for Complete System Model # HHC1
for CAFS Pump Model # HH02
for Water Vest Model # WV07
for DeWalt Cordless Drill Model # CD01
Weight in Shipping Container 20 lbs
Shipping Method Customer's choice

All units are shipped in a container constructed from 1/2-inch plywood.

Shipping rates vary according to final destination.