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   For over 40 years, Eddie Paul and the Circlescan 4D Productions staff have been working behind the scenes to provide film and television audiences with the wildest props, spectacular stunts, special effects, and the most memorable custom and nostalgic vehicles ever to appear onscreen. From the custom hot rod that John Travolta drove to stardom on "Grease" to the high-tech van that saved "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial", Eddie Paul has established a solid reputation for creating and providing exactly what the script calls for on time. If your production requires more than just the average special effect, vehicle, prop, or animation, give us a call.

   Circlescan 4D camera and video systems, maintains a complete in-house filming, animating and video editing facility along with a fully staffed, full-time machine shop equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for fabricating props, sets, camera mounts and special effects/stunt vehicles.

   Customs By Eddie Paul is the automotive division of EP Industries, Inc., specializing in custom cars, rods, trucks, restorations and motorcycles. We are also recognized as the number one facility in the industry for fabricating and placing stunt vehicles, show vehicles, props, and special effects under extreme deadlines for all of Hollywood's major film and television studios. We're the ones who built the cars, motorcycles and effects for:


Discovery Channel "Cut in Half" Provided location and "Motorcycle Saw" for show.

Fox TV "Bones" Provided location and props for motorcycle murder episode.

Warner Bros./ABC TV's "Pushing Daisies". Built 2 Dandy Lion crash cars of the future in 3 days.

Universal Studios "Leatherheads" w/George Clooney. Custom fabricated 3 1918 Indian Motorcycles w/side cars to be electric powered & built in 3 weeks.

Hallmark Channel's "Shark Swarm" Built multiple sharks & body parts worked as Special Effects & Stunt Coordinator.

Kanye West Music Video. Built Custom Akira bike & supplied other motorcycles for music video.

Universal Studios "Scooby Doo Mystery Machine". Fabricated vehicle from rusted out Ford van, replacing complete front end & converting to automatic transmission & painting to match cartoon vehicle.

CARS • Built three life-sized drivable cars (Lightning, Sally and Tow Mater) for promoting the Disney/Pixar film.

Click Here for a Clip of Making of the Real Life Tow Mater

Taxi • Customized and transformed seven NY taxi cabs into NASCAR-style racers.

2 FAST 2 FURIOUS • Customized & detailed 115 cars in two months time with a crew working around the clock.

xXx • Built the stunt jeeps and five different versions of the hero GTO.

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS • Modified and customized 58 stunt cars. The cars were used in all of the race scenes.

GREASE• Located, restored and customized thirty vintage cars in two weeks, including the main stunt cars for race sequence. Fabricated flame-thrower exhaust pipes for custom black Mercury.

THE MASK OF ZORRO • Constructed two full-size horses to jump off a high bridge and land in water. These horses are fully animated with mechanical and pneumatic controls. Fabricated Animatronic horse heads and legs to perform stunts. We also designed and built 100 propane torches for the movie as well as special swords and whips.

AGAINST ALL ODDS • Rigged picture cars (Porsche 911 and Ferrari 308) for stunts and high-speed filming. Designed suspension for twenty-foot jumps; rebuilt Porsches overnight after they had been destroyed in accident.

E.T. • Built the special Ford van for E.T. rescue scene.

TERMINATOR 2• Built the assembly line that constructs a terminator during a movie teaser.

INNERSPACE • Built custom Mustang and identical back-up; rigged them for jumps, crashes and stunts; designed sub-suspension for three Volvos to perform long jumps without damage.

COBRA • Designed and built Stallone's chop-topped Mercury and four identical back-ups for main chase scene with custom suspension, full 10-point roll cages, supercharged, nitrous-oxide-injected 350 motors, all within two weeks including paint.

MASK • Designed and built all motorcycles used in the film including a 400 cubic inch 3-wheeler which I rode in the film. Also instructed all the actors to ride Harleys; served as stunt coordinator and liaison/consultant between producers and real bikers used in the film.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET V • 80% of small special effects; all major effects, shot actor threw windshield, turned church inside out with 16-foot air ram designed and built by E.P.; built process trucks, and large flood tank for shower shot.

STREETS OF FIRE • Motorcycle stunt coordinator; hired 60 real bikers, choreographed/performed bike stunts; instructed actors to ride; designed/built all bikes; built custom convertible Mercury w/identical back-up.

ICE PIRATES • Designed/built 60-foot battlecraft; performed all stunts with battlecraft; also built six future motorcycles and police cars.

CASUAL SEX • Stunt Coordinator; minor car stunts, water/boating safety and some F/X rigging.

HEART LIKE A WHEEL • Custom painted drag race cars; restored cars after film damage.

BEST OF TIMES • Designed and painted custom van.

MIRACLE MILE • Performed car and motorcycle stunts; fights and falls.

WALKING TALL • Built two stunt cars.

SOYLENT GREEN • Designed/built two stunt cars and rigged truck to lose wheel and crash.

ALCATRAZ-THE WHOLE SHOCKING STORY • built replica of vintage paddy wagon in one week.

GONE IN 60 SECONDS • Performed driving stunts; jumps, flips, head-on's, rollovers, sideswipes, transfers: bike to car, car to bike, car to helicopter, helicopter to bike. Over 300 stunt crashes performed in film.

GONE IN 60 SECONDS II • Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director; designed, built and operated air-powered robots to drive cars for high speed jumps and 80mph head-on collision.

THE JUNKMAN • Stunt Coordinator; car, truck and motorcycle flips, rollovers, jumps, high-speed chases.

13 O'CLOCK • Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director; car flips, slides, explosions, performing high-speed chases, U-turns, reverse driving with limousine.

CRASH AND BURN • Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director; designed wedge ramp, coordinated/performed head-on collisions (50 mph), rigged 5-ton truck to run off 7-story building, flip and land on five cars, jumped motorcycle through window of exploding house, drove car through house, high speed chases with near misses.

STEWARDESS SCHOOL • Motorcycle stunts, fights, falls, bit acting part.

WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME • Designed/built suitcase that sprouts wheels, headlamps, handlebars and takes driver more than 40 mph for a major chase sequence.

WILD AT HEART • Special Effects; fabricated hands, heads, arms to be shot off.

MOM AND DAD SAVE THE WORLD • Designed, built and drove 45-foot-long, 20-foot-tall, 10-foot-wide 30,000-pound "DEATH CART".

MONKEY BUSINESS • Built 40-foot-long drive-able trailer for stunt sequence with monkey.


CBS SPECIAL "THE MIND OF A DEMON" • Designed & built the first underwater swiming air powered shark.

HOLLYWOOD’S BEST-KEPT SECRET • · A biography filmed in my shop in El Segundo which takes viewers behind the scenes to see everything from how we built the cars for the “Fast and Furious” franchises to the companies based on several of my inventions.

WORLD ODYSSEY • Designed and built the first underwater housing for 70mm Ultra-70 camera; worked as consultant for new camera system.

IMAX • IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT WHITE SHARKS • Built/operated a 10-foot Great White Shark in the film; built two underwater camera housings and 4000-watt underwater lighting equipment. Worked as filming safety diver for four years. .

DISCOVERY CHANNEL • Great White Sharks. With John McKenny Productions. Designed and built an air-powered diver to test for diver safety around the sharks. Diver and robot operator. Designed and built a ÒScuba MufflerÓ for silent diving with Hammerhead sharks. Shot underwater video.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL • Shark Stories and Sharks On the Brink of Extinction. Eddie Paul Productions. Second Unit Director and Cameraman. Designed, built, and operated ÒGut CheckerÓ camera to look inside stomach of shark for documentary. Also designed, built, and test lightweight plastic ÒShark SuitÓ used by divers for documentary filming.

THE COUSTEAU SOCIETY SPECIAL ON VALDEZE • General work onboard including equipment modification and design; produced underwater film and video scenes.

* BLUE SHARKS • Diver, Lighting
* SEA LYONS • Diver, Lighting
* ANGEL SHARKS • 300-foot Deep Dives, Lighting
* KELP FOREST • Diver, Lighting

EDDIE PAUL AUTOMOTIVE HOW-TO SERIES • Directed and produced a series of 11 Instructional automotive customizing and repair videos

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES • Worked as an actor and diver on night dive.

SHOWSCAN • Built custom aluminum splash housing and attachment to wet bike.

GRAPHICS FILMS • Shot underwater video for IMAX film. Worked on film for 4 years, during which time I designed and built the first underwater housing for 70mm W-4 camera. Also designed underwater lighting system for IMAX.


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