CEM is the only pump manufacturer in the world to offer you the power of a full-sized compressed air-foam system (CAFS) in a compact, lightweight, electric-driven portable unit. The CEM DC-CAFS™ is the first CAFS designed to be driven by a 12-volt electric motor.

   The DC-CAFS™ is a full-featured system that packs as much foam-making capability than centrifugal systems that are four times its size and require up to 30 times the horsepower. Like the 90gpm CEM Econo-CAFS™, DC-CAFS™ uses patented pump technology that eliminates the low-efficiency centrifugal pumps, air compressors, and priming pumps used in other CAFS. One pump - the patented CEM (Cylindrical Energy Module) Positive Displacement Rotary Pump - compresses air, flows water, self-primes, and makes foam.


   Priced to meet the volunteer and rural fire department budget, the CEM DC-CAFS™ is manufactured for economy and durability. The 60gpm DC-CAFS™ has a modular frame, diamond-plate base, and injection-molded pump components. The DC-CAFS'™ unique and patented 12-cylinder, rotary design, positive-displacement pump produces smooth high-pressure performance. CEM's CAFS pump components are constructed from self-lubricating UHMW-PE, leaded brass alloy, and stainless steel for light weight and dependability. With only seven internal moving parts, maintenance requirements are minimal.

   The CEM DC-CAFS allows you to batch mix or inject concentrated foam of any type and dial in your air-foam settings quickly and easily. The exclusive CEM Air/Foam Proportioner automatically meters air, foam, and water with precision. Offering simple operation, a broad mixture ratio, and low power requirements, the DC-CAFS™ foam system is state-of the art.


   The DC-CAFS™ is ideal for use in areas like shopping malls and hospitals where gas-powered CAFS may be hazardous. Weighing just 75 pounds, the DC-CAFS™ is ultra-light and fits just about anywhere. Get more foam with less pump. The CEM DC-CAFS™ is simply superior.

   The DC-CAFS™ can also be conveniently mounted inside a hose reel for space saving functionality. This ingenious design allows for use in environments when space is a priority but the full performance of the regular DC-CAFS™ unit is needed.

Drive Ratio 4:1
Inlet/Outlet Size (inches) 1.5 inch pipe
Motor 12- or 24-volt DC motor
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1 inch x 1 inch
Output 60 gpm
Weight 75 lbs
Length/Width/Height (inches) 18 / 15 / 15
Price $12,707
Motor Output  1 hp
Price mounted in hose reel (REEL CAFS) $20,000
for 12-volt DC Model # DC1
for 24-volt DC Model # DC2
Length/Width/Height (inches)
in Shipping Containe
Weight in Shipping Container120 lbs
Shipping Method Customer's choice

All units are shipped in a container constructed from 1/2-inch plywood.

Shipping rates vary according to final destination.