Current Projects

  • NEW Eddie was recently in Singapore, installing a recently built piece for one of the worlds largest shark aquariums. Click the image below for a gallery.
  • NEW The recently built Hypertherm Cutting table built by Eddie was recently seen in action :
  • NEWEddie's latest completed project, a giant Anvil. For those really big jobs.

  • Be sure to catch Eddie on an Episode of 1000 Ways to Die on Spike TV! Please check your local listings for time information. Link : 1000 Ways To Die

  • Eddie’s 9th book will be coming out this summer on Plasma cutting and he is finishing his 10th now. The book, How To build a Hot Rod, should be out be the end of this coming summer. Jay Leno was gracious enough to write both Forwards for each book as he has done for Eddie's other books in the past. Eddie has already started his first fiction novel just to take break from Technical books for a while , his First work of fiction will be called “Death from the Deep” about a creature that is not quite as dead as science thought is was

  • Eddie will begin manufacture on his new Teardrop Trailer. If you are interested in purchasing one or have questions concerning the pricing or design, feel free to call us at (310) 322 8035. The design allows for some personalization on orders. Click the Thumbnails below for a design of the new trailer.
  • We have interest from two different companies in the CEM Engine development, one is from a company that builds UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), we will be staring the engineering and fabrication of the first heavy fuel JP8 12 cylinder engine based on the CEM patents. The CEM has been developed for a fire fighting pump (as a CAFs unit) for about 15 years now and a Decontamination pump use by the NAVY seals since Desert Storm. The engine was only the next step.

  • First shot out of the shop of the latest “Toy” coming out of Eddie Paul’s shop and dubbed the “Interceptor” which sports a little 502 cubic inch Supercharged Chevy V8 and straight pipes. It is technically a motorcycle as it has three wheels but the driver sits in front of the engine not behind as they do on most motorcycles.


  • One of our latest projects was a translucent shark cage that will be used in filming segments for Shark Week

    Shark Cage

  • Click the VIDEO button to see a snippet of the COP SHOP, one of Eddie's lastest projects. COP SHOP may have a home as we are in final negations with a Network for its airdate, this is a show that Eddie Paul and his wife Renee Paul have partnered up with Jeff Kurr (air jaws on shark week) and Tony Sacco ( have pooled their respective skills and talents to produce the first “teaser” reel for the show it went out to potential buyers and has received real interest from three so far. More information after the deal is signed. NOTE: video is large and might take up to 3 minutes, we are currently looking into resolving this issue.


More updates to follow ---------

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