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Our Executive Staff consists of individuals with extensive backgrounds in the banking, design, engineering, entertainment, and legal fields. E.P. Industries, Inc. has built a productive and dedicated Executive Team with strong skills in corporate development and administration.

Our facilities are located at: 1330 E Franklin Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245

Telephone: 310-322-8035

Fax: 310-322-8044

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Eddie Paul, President & Founder

Eddie Paul is the Founder and President of E.P. Industries, Inc. With over 30 years of engineering experience, Mr. Paul has developed innovative designs in pumps, compressors, engines, optics, electronics, camera movements and housings, hydraulic systems, and animatronics. His diverse background in prototype development and design is unequaled and his knowledge of a wide range of engineering sciences has led to many discoveries. Consequently, Mr. Paul is the holder of several U.S. and international patents. He is also the Principal Investigator who guides and assists a highly qualified team of engineers.

Most of his experience stems from many years of contracting with major aerospace companies, branches of the United States Military, and large corporations in the automotive, industrial, and environmental fields. The portion of Mr. Paul's experience relevant to Circlescan 4D is his association with the Los Angeles film industry. He spent three decades producing and coordinating stunts and special effects for over 100 feature films such as Terminator, E.T., and the underwater IMAX film Search for the Great Shark. Jacques Cousteau and Discovery Channel specials document some of Mr. Paul's most notable work. He developed and manufactured almost every underwater camera and waterproof housing used by the Cousteaus as well as other oceanographic research equipment.

In 1970, Eddie Paul established E.P. Industries, which has become a successful research, development, and prototype manufacturing company. Eddie Paul, can be reached at: eddiepaul@epindustries.com


Renee Paul, CFO

Renee Paul is the CFO of E.P. Industries, Inc. and has an extensive background in banking and management. Renee handles the day to day financial operations as well as dealing with the diverse customer base that E.P. Industries is involved wih. She works with customers and suppliers to make sure deadlines and budgets are met. She also administrates and oversees contracts for the Department of Defense, the Department of Forestry, the Army, Navy and the Air Force along with major studios as well as major corporations. Renee handles the Intellectual Property Rights for their companies as well as the licensing and dealer contracts for the CEM Fire Pump.

Renee began her career in finance with Bank of America and over a period of 14 years worked her way up from a teller to VP Manager of a Personal Banking Division. She was then offered a position with First Interstate Bank and was promoted to VP & Manager of First Interestate Torrance branch. During the time she was with First Interstate Bank, Renee coordinated the development of a new branch office and worked with contractors to develop the new branch layout and timeline for the completion schedule which was completed below budget and on time. With an extensive backgound in banking and management Renee decided she would use those skills to work with her husband, Eddie Paul, to develop E.P. Industries.


The Studio Services Division of E.P. Industries, Inc.

For over 30 years, Eddie Paul and the Circlescan 4D Productions staff have been working behind the scenes to provide film and television audiences with the wildest props, spectacular stunts, special effects, and the most memorable custom and nostalgic vehicles ever to appear onscreen. From the custom hot rod that John Travolta drove to stardom on "Grease" to the high-tech van that saved "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial", Eddie Paul has established a solid reputation for creating and providing exactly what the script calls for on time. If your production requires more than just the average special effect, vehicle, prop, or animation, give us a call. Circlescan 4D camera and video systems, maintains a complete in-house filming, animating and video editing facility along with a fully staffed, full-time machine shop equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for fabricating props, sets, camera mounts and special effects/stunt vehicles.



* Underwater diving scenes and equipment
* Deep-sea shark diving
* Licensed firearms and weapons training
* Pyrotechnics, explosives, electronics, optics
* Designed award-winning tools for the Eastwood Company including; the Pneumatic Planishing Hammer and the bench-top English Wheel which won the 2004 Automotive Restoration Market Organization People’s Choice Award.
* Toured the Motor Trend Car circuit as a judge.
* Secret clearance with DoD.
* 1980 rode a Harley Davidson from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with no hands, trip took 5 hours 10 minutes and was 286 miles.
* Hang-gliding/Ultralight contruction and operation
* All automobile, truck, motorcycle and heavy machinery locating, modifications and operating.
* Licensed for piloting most aircraft
* Boat and watercraft operation
* Computer Animation & Efx


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