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The CEM Portable CAF Unit, CEM CAFS: Compressed Air-Foam Fire Suppression Pump

      The first CEM product we chose to develop was the CEM Compressed Air-Foam System for use in firefighting. We were aware that because of the antiquated equipment used by many fire departments, there was an immediate need for a new product that would help save lives but still be affordable - especially for volunteer and rural fire departments. Firefighting always occurs in a hostile environment and this market provided the perfect opportunity to see how well the CEM pump could handle extreme conditions in one of the harshest environments. It turns out that our CEM Compressed Air-Foam System is one of the best applications we have ever had for the CEM. It has no competition and it is lighter and smaller than other pumps used in this field. Because the CEM's precision manifold design mixes the water, air, and foam within the pump, the CEM system's one pump can handle the tasks of three separate pumps.

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      The CEM CAF is state-of-the-art technology in Compressed Air-Foam fire suppression equipment. CEM stands for Cylindrical Energy Module. Because it uses the CEM pump, the CEM CAF is free of the complicated assemblies associated with conventional pump designs. The simple design, along with our development of the materials selected for each component has resulted in a durable, compact, lightweight, high-performance pump that has minimal maintenance requirements. We have sold the CEM CAF to fire departments all over the world.

     At EPI, our goal is to develop firefighting systems that are effective, efficient, and economical. To that end, we continue to look for ways to improve on current fire technologies. With many more projects under development, EPI will continue to bring leading-edge design and cost-productive manufacturing techniques to fire service. EPI designs firefighting systems that are simply superior.

     We guarantee a reliable product, so we have all of our systems manufactured and tested by our in-house machine shop to ensure that the best quality product is produced. We offer several different CEM Compressed Air-Foam Systems, or CAFS. We are sure you will find the fire suppression system that fits your needs.


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These pictures were taken at the Chevron Oil Refinery in El Segundo, California. Test fires were set to measure the CEM Magnum's efficiency in extinguishing vertical fires that are too dangerous for fire fighters to approach. The stacks were 40 feet tall and 60 feet away from the CEM CAF. Even from such great distance, the CEM CAF easily extinguished the fires.

Ultra-easy to operate
Compact and lightweight
One valve control for CAF or high-volume water
Special venturi for premix foam
Automatically meters air with any water/foam concentrate ratio
No heavy centrifugal pump, no bulky air compressor
Pump is self-priming, self-lubricating and virtually maintenance free.
Compatible with Class A or B foams.
High-efficiency rotary pump requires less power, uses smaller engine.
Easy starting! Powered by the reliable Honda GX-200 engine.
Stainless steel frame and fasteners with brass pipes and couplers
The CEM CAF is built in America

Member of the NFPA

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